Peter Hunt checking a bee at close quarters. the bee is on his finger.Bees In Devon

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Consultant Beekeeper and Member of Devon Association of Beekeepers.

Telephone 01647 440322   Mobile 07974 270863
Rosemary Cottage, North Bovey, Devon TQ13 8RA

Peter has worked at Buckfast Abbey with World famous Brother Adam's bees. He has kept bees since the age
of 12 when he pestered his Mum for his own hive. With a lifetime's knowledge, Peter is often consulted about successful beekeeping, from simple hive suggestions
to the latest info on fatal viruses.

Bee swarms captured and transported
Same day visit in Devon £40/£55 depending on distance to travel.

Sometimes from the end of April to early July there may be several bee swarms to deal with in any one day, and each swarm has to be fed and re-housed with great care and expertise.

Michael Caines at the stall in Moretonhampstead food festival. He is chatting to Rowena over the jars of honey and a large bunch of daffodils.
Michael Caines OBE opened the Moretonhampstead Food Festival last year, and stopped
to chat with Rowena to compliment Bees in Devon on the excellent quality of Bees in Devon
honey, confirming that he uses it in his cooking.

Peter examines a comb full of wax cells in one of his hives. he has the beekeepers outfil on with zipped up mask in place.

Starting Off

Newcomers to Beekeeping will find that National Bee Supplies at Okehampton offer the most comprehensive range of bee-keepin equipment. A visit to this helpful outfit offers the perfect first step into the world of bees. Click on the link to visit their most useful website and see the huge range they have on offer.

Advice on location of the hives, how to ensure your bees have a good source of nectar and pollen, bee management and getting the best out of your bees can be tricky for new apiarists.

A visit from Peter with friendly advice at this early stage, may well save you a few teething problems.

e-mail Peter


Seasonal care, feeding issues and fluctuations in the weather vary from month to month and it is often the case that no two years are alike for apiarists.As you settle down to bee-keeping, conditions are likely to fluctuate. This will effect your bees, and Peter offers sound advice at any stage.

Maybe a telephone call is all that is needed. Chat to Peter for up to half an hour and get his advice £12*

*Please note that we have had to introduce this billing system as at some times in the year Peter can spend whole evenings on the end of the telephone.

Specialist Concerns

cartoon of a honeycomb and a jar of honey.

The long term success of any hive will depend on attentive management. The Queen especially needs cosseting.
Her well-being is supremely important.

Viruses have changed the world of beekeeping in the last few years. Sometimes a site inspection is required, and Peter does understand the importance of rapid first aid. He is currently working alongside one of the leading scientists at Exeter University aiming to under -stand how flexible insects can be in responding to environmental changes and how animals use different types of visual, olfactory and tactile information to behave intelligently. e-mail Peter


 Home visit £40 up to 2 hours.  
+ travelling expenses at sensible rates if journey more than 15 mins.

bees at the opening to a hive. About 50 bees all gathered.
Would you like a hive to come and pollinate your fruit garden or orchard ?
Ring to ask if you would like a hive to come along and pollinate every flowering bud in the garden.