Bumble Bees

The worrying news about the disapperance of bumble bees

Be it the USA or Europe the principals pollinisers, the humble Bumble bee is an endangered species.

For two decades now the number of bumble bees has drastically declined in the US & in Europe, to such an extent that four out of the fifteen species known today have dropped by 90%. The reason being is a microscopic pathogene called Nosema bombi.

The bumble bee is essential for pollinising wild plants & for the harvesting of berries & tomatoes (notably in the US). In Europe they contribute to pollinising tomatoes & strawberries which represents a very large part of the agro economy. In certain countries, such as Japan, Greece, Israel (amongst others) they actually breed bumble bees. Mexico & China have started up their own breeding schemes.

Bees are also affected by this phenomena, the "Colony Collapse Disorder" for which the specialists havenot yet found an explanation or reason.  However, many factors taken into account in the Annals of the PNSA (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America) indicate probable reasons being the use of pesticides & climate change.

Par Emmanuel Perrin le 8 janvier 2011

Modifié le 28 décembre 2018