Jacob Sheep

Jacob sheep breed is a rustic animal with multiple horns & long beautiful piebald coats


The Jacob is a British breed of domestic sheep. It combines two characteristics unusual in sheep: it is piebald and multi-horned. It most commonly has four horns. The origin of the breed is not known; mixed-coloured multi-horned sheep were present in England by the middle of the seventeenth century, and were widespread in the 1900’s.Among the many accounts of ancient breeds of piebald sheep is the story of Jacob from the Old Testament. According to the Book of Genesis (Genesis 30:31–43), Jacob took every speckled and spotted sheep from his father-in-law's (Laban's) flock and bred them. Due to the resemblance to the animal described in Genesis, the Jacob sheep was named for the Biblical figure of Jacob sometime in the 20th century.

It was also referred to as the "Spanish sheep" for much of its early recorded history. The British landed gentry used Jacob as ornamental sheep on their estates and kept importing the sheep which probably kept the breed extant.

The most distinguishing features of the Jacob are their four horns, although they may have as few as two or as many as six. Both sexes are always horned, and the rams tend to have larger and more impressive horns. Two-horned rams typically have horizontal double-curled horns.


The Jacob is generally considered to be an "unimproved" or "heirloom" breed


Like other unimproved breeds, significant variability is present among individuals within a flock. In contrast, the British Jacob has been selected for greater productivity of meat, and therefore tends to be larger, heavier and have a more uniform appearance.