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Training in bee keeping
Advice on location of the hives, how to ensure your bees have a good source of nectar and pollen, bee management and getting the best out of your bees can be tricky for new apiarists. A visit from Peter with friendly advice at this early stage, may save you a few teething problems.


Seasonal care, feeding issues and the weather fluctuate from month to month and it is often the case that no two years are alike for apiarists. These changing conditions will affect your bees. Peter offers sound advice at any stage. Maybe a telephone call is all that is needed. Chat to Peter for up to half an hour for just £15.


All other work or advisory services will be billed for a minimum of 3 hours at £28/hour.

Please note that we have had to introduce this billing system as at some times in the year Peter can spend hours giving advise.

Peter remains at your service for any enquiries & we propose to give you a price up front to avoid any misunderstanding on prices.

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Other Services

Home visit £ 65 for a forfait price of 2 hours, plus travelling expenses at sensible rates if journey time more than 15 -20 minutes.

Would you like a hive to come and pollinate your fruit garden or orchard? Telephone Peter to enquire about a hive being brought to you to pollinate your flowering buds in the garden.

Swarms captured and transported. Same day visit in Devon £65 -£80 depending on the distance to travel. Sometime from the end of April to late July there may be several swarms to deal with in any one day, and each swarm has to be fed and re-housed.

Specialist Concerns


The long term success of any hive will depend on attentive management. The Queen especially needs cosseting. Her well-being is supremely important.

Viruses have changed the world of beekeeping in the last few years. Sometimes a site inspection is required, and Peter understands the importance of rapid first aid.

He is currently working alongside one of the leading scientists in Exeter University aiming at understanding  the flexibility of insects & how they respond & interact to environmental changes; also how animals use different types of visual, olfactory and tactile information to behave intelligently.

Peter has joined the British Bee Assocation in order to multiply their introduction to the heathlands of Devon. 


He has also recently started to work  with improving the number of bumble bees in his area. 

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