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Peter's Dartmoot Wild Flower Honey is direct from the heart of Devon, indeed Dartmoor. Honey bees are not so common on Dartmoor & Peter is one of a few honey producers. The honey is pure, clear & smooth, with a distinct Dartmoor flavour reflecting the peaty waters of the moors’ rivers. The pollen & nectar come from clover, brambles & heather, free from pesticides & other artifical chemicals. 

Dartmoor Wild Flower Honey 340gr

  • Despite the fact that we take great care in wrapping our honey jars before shipping, using a maximum of protective wrappings, however we cant guarantee against some breakage due to factors outside our control. If a breakage does occur we will replace a jar of honey for free against a photo of the broken jar (& date) in it's original wrapping. 

  • The honey jar is wrapped carefully by hand taking care to protect the jar from a maximum of shocks or if the product is dropped. Free of artifical chemicals.

    All deliveries are made the following day except for public holidays where we will need an extra day or two. 

    Cost of freight is based on weight & speed of delivery. Deliveries go through the Post Office service on 48 hours. However we cannot be held responsible for delays due to the organisation of the Post Office services.

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