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Dartmoor's environment needs preserving

We all know that visitors & their spending are essential to Devon. We also know that driving down the narrow country lanes with high hedges on either side is a daunting experience. We also know that too many cars & vehicles using petrol or diesel is nefast for our environment. What can we do to avoid Dartmoor being inundated with cars in the summer months? How can we ensure that Haytor remains the famous beauty site rather than a ragged, bedrangled site of intense tourist activity? Wouldn't it be useful for Dartmoor to have mini buses working every day each hour in the summer months vehicling people to and fro the famous sites on Dartmoor? Avoiding the heavy traffic to the same places, day in, day out this could be considered the solution for enjoying Dartmoor in it's real perspective rather than in a car one behind the other.

Oh for some smart decisions from the local politicians & park managers.

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