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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024 to our dear honey friends.


RECIPE for all the lovers of almonds & fluffy pastry


2 Organic Puff Pastries, preferably round & of the same size (30 cm approx.)

100 gr butter

125 gr milled (powdered) almonds, you can make them yourself from almonds in their skins, it makes a tastier more interesting paste

3 large organic eggs

3 tablespoonfuls of honey

60 gr of brown Organic sugar

Salt to taste


flour an oven board, plate which is big enough to hold the pasty round.

Set oven at 240°c

Mix the butter, honey & sugar well.

Add 2 beaten eggs & milled almonds,mix to a smooth paste

Spread the paste onto one of the Puff pastry rounds which has been previously placed onto a floured oven plate (to avoid the pastry sticking). Take care to leave space around the edges of the pasty to avoid the paste creeping out of the round during cooking

With the 3rdbeaten egg, brush the edges of the first pastry round, then place the 2nd round of puff pasty on top of the pasted pastry round

Brush beaten egg over the top pastry round, pinch the puff pasty a few times to enable air to be released.

Cook in the hot oven, 10 mins at 240°c then reduce to 180°c for 20 minutes.

EAT warm.

To be really French you may add a small item or coin which would be the lucky charm. The one who gets it in his King's pastry will get to chose his Queen or her King of the day, a paper crown completes the show.


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