Bumble bees an endangered species

Peter has invested in a number of bumble bee hives. Because the bumble bee is in drastic decline in Europe & North America due to the extreme temperatures (heat & cold weather). A study suggests the likelihood of a bumble bee population surviving in a given place has declined by 30% in one human generation. This could be considered a "mass distinction". The University of Ottawa used data collected over a 115 year period on 66 bumble bee species across N. America & Europe in order to create a model simulationg "climate chaos" scenarios. They were able to see how bumble bees had changed over the years by comparing where the insects were now to where they used to be. ​ MOOR to follow ​ ​ A sam

Beeing in Devon we must protect our wild life

The COVID 19 virus lock down has brought many people & businesses to a standstill. We are all wondering what the futureholds for our local community & businesses. At the end of lock down will we have a general rush to purchase & consume, or will we have learnt a lesson from the hold on pollution & its pleasant effect on our air, water & clear skies? Will people now understand that over-consumerism in a financially driven world is the down fall of humanity & wild life as it is known today? Will people have realised that we only have this one beautiful world which desperately needs to be preserved. Bees are a great indicator of a healthy world; so when man made pollution & humanity's insane de

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