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We all are aware of what we need to do to avoid as much as possible getting the Covid 19 virus; for example washing our hands often (for as long as 30 seconds with soap); sneezing into our sleeve; using paper tissues which are thrown away in the bin; keeping a security distance between people to avoid contact with the virus, using antibacterial spray etc....

However there are certain supplements that can help you build up your immune system in anticipation of contact with the virus. Naturopaths recommend the use of Echinacea rich in polysacharids, an excellent stimulator of the immune system. Also the consumption of Reishi & Shiitake mushrooms which also help the immune system. In Gemmotherapy Blackcurrant & Dog Rose drops are recommended. However the use of PROPOLIS, especially brown Propolis is especially important for the back up of our defense system. Propolis is an excellent anti-inflamatory, anti-viral, anti-oxydant & an efficient disinfectant. So protect yourselves now by taking the supplements mentioned above but also by washing your hands and wearing a mask!!!

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