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In summer time the kids (and parents) love to drink cool, refreshing drinks which

are alcohol free.

This little recipe is great and can be adjusted and changed according to the fruit available Requirements:

A good grinder that will grind your fruit into a smooth liquid in less than 20 seconds.

1 x Cucumber

1 x Banana

4 x Pipped Peaches


6 x Apricots &/or

6 x Plums

or 8-10 Strawberries & raspberries

Greek Yogurt approx. 30 ml

A little Cream if you so wish

Honey according to taste

1/4 pint of water if required once the fruit have been ground into a smooth liquid.

Grind everything until you are satisfied with the thickness and taste.

Leave in the fridge, & serve when cold, with or without crushed ice.


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