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The film Animal & Mr Johnson

Being English naturally I adore animals, dogs, cats, horses, goats, sheep, whatever it is, if it's a living being it usually gets my approval.

Last week I went to a preview of the film Animal by Cyril Dion, a French producer of documentaires mainly related to bio-diversity, the climate & other major topics to do with protecting the earth.

The film is really worth seeing, it is in English with a young "actress" from the U.K. & a young "actor" from Paris in France. Take a few moments to see the trailer on Youtube, the first sentence is that we have lost 50% of the world's wild life in the last 50 years! What a statement!

This is our fight, we must support all intiatives to fight the disasterous decisions that are taken by.... Mr. Boris Johnson for example. I listened to his speech at the UN on the 23rd September, this is a short extract from that speech:

"..if we are to stave off these hikes in temperature we must go further and faster – we need all countries to step up and commit to very substantial reductions by 2030 – and I passionately believe that we can do it by making commitments in four areas – coal, cars, cash and trees.

I am not one of those environmentalists who takes a moral pleasure in excoriating humanity for its excess.

I don’t see the green movement as a pretext for a wholesale assault on capitalism. Far from it. The whole experience of the Covid pandemic is that the way to fix the problem is through science and innovation, the breakthroughs and the investment that are made possible by capitalism and by free markets, and it is through our Promethean faith in new green technology that we are cutting emissions in the UK."

So this man has apparently not yet understood that the only solution is cutting back on energy consumption, changing our life style, promoting local production, organic & safe; that short food circuits are the best solution. Cutting back in world travel, using public transport such as trains instead of planes, cars & trucks, these are the things that need to be radically reduced, however they are part of fre markets & capitalism. The man develops his ideas of how Britain is the best in the world in new "Green Technology". Words, words & more words.

We have NO more time to lose, how can this man believe that you can develop consumerism, continue life as before & yet save the planet?

Lets see what the great of this world will decide in Glasgow in November. Hopefully many important decisions will be made. So many countries around the world suffered from terrible gigantic fires, disasterous floods this summer, many of the elected few have become scared that if they don't take radical decisions they will be held responsible in a decade's time.


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