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The Gulf Stream has changed it's course

The Gulf Stream has changed it's course due to the excess of melting ice from the Arctic & Greenland that has upset the ocean currents over the past few decades. The major problem of this change is it's immediate influence on the world's climate & its capacity to slow down the weather cycles: high & low pressures. This summer has been an example of how disturbed & disturbing this change can be. In the south west of France (where I live) the month of July & half of August we have experienced temperatures such as 20°C, when normally we have temperatures in the 30°C's. "Scientists are increasingly concerned about "tipping points", large, fast & irreversible changes to the climate. Dr. Boers & his collegues reported in May that a significant part of the Greenland ice sheet is on the rirnk, threatening a big rise in global sea level.Others have shown rencently that the Amazon rainforest is now emitting more CO2 than it absorbs, and that the 2020 Siberian heatwave led to worrying releases of methane" (The Guardian).

Even if we try to change our habits it seems that many changes have already taken place affecting weather, fish migration & feeding, plant growth & many other factors that are too many to list here.

We'll have more on this subject over the months, I only hope that people will at last realise the importance of cutting back consumerism, sobriety in energy useincluding driving & hopefully the generation coming into power will really start to take this problem seriously. It's more important than political careers & developing industry, or building new motorways!


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