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Tired & just want to get it over!

Well I'm writing this blog from the south west of France. I know that a lot of you folks in Britain have been bombarded with pictures, films & stories about Elizabeth II, "our" queen for 70 years, and, although most of us have only ever known 1 queen all our lives we are getting a tenny, wenny bit fed up with her life story. Along with her, her husband, her sons, daughter,her daughters-in-law, her grand-children & her corgis. Well, that's certainly enough. TV, radio, newspapers going on & on day in day out about it all. Why don't we talk about climate change, strikes, electricity prices, difficulty in getting an appointment at the hospital, dentist and so on. Give us a break we've had enough tabloid style news 24/7! Please. Sorry had to get it off my chest! However I am giving one picture of her, in memory of her, it was taken on her last visit to India, she was much younger then, I rather like the two "boys" standing behind her, a small wave to our Indian friends.

OTHER NEWS!!! This year Peter & his bees have provided us with a new Dartmoor Heather Honey which to be honest (I have a jar) is absolutely delicious. If you haven't tried it it's still available. Take care, happy funeral day, speak to you all soon.



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