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Have you seen this? It's really very worrying, we should be talking about changing our habits & way of living, everyday, every week, every month on the radio, on TV, on social media.

This is the major problem that we humans need, must take care of. The climate system has lost it's equilibrium, it will change everything that affects our lives, faster than we ever imagined possible.Stop thinking about your own little world, it's time we as a race grew up & became aware of our surroundings! The destruction is massive, the ANTHROPOCENE period is creating so many problems that are probably already out of our (human kind) control. However, I suppose I need to say that, we as individuals can take the decision to change our own way of living immediately, in order to reduce dramatically our CO2 footprint. This requires a lot of will power, much thought but it would make each one of us feel lighter, a certain relieve in having the impression that we are doing something for the general good, for the future of our great-great grand children.

It's no joke & politicians worldwide have the obligation to react to change things. Is it an impossible task? Maybe.


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