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Peter Hunt's heather honey

August is a very special month if you are a beekeeper living near a heather moor. The draw for this highly prized exclusive honey can be quite a challenge however.

August can be a wet month with cooler/shorter days.With older queens looking for a rest from egg laying. Queens born in 2020 will be laying well,producing workers much needed to take advantage of this special harvest. This year is no exception, the weather has been sometimes too hot, sometimes too wet, we have to adapt & try to succeed to get a good harvest of high quality heather honey.

However the joy of standing behind a hive after a good "flow" for me is one of the most rewarding times in my day's work with the bees. The smell is so rich. Of course a wonderful natural harvest from the bees flavours & complements so many foods, it's really amazing. My favorite food with honey is porridge, with a dollop of cream, a dessert-spoon of heather honey is my favorite winter breakfast.


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