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Sobriety & nourishing foods

However much we find sobriety a bit of a bore, it is a fact of our new life that remains immensely important for our future well-being & that of our children & grand-children.

Isn't it not better to eat an organic apple than a packet of chocolate covered biscuits? Obesity is a major problem & unfortunately very common amongst young people & those not quite so young. It's become really important to adapt our food consumption to correspond to this new way of feeding ourselves. We are going to find some good nourishing recipes that will interest your whole family. We want to give you alternatives to the fatty, over sweet foods that seem to be part of the British staple diet, we need to lose the habit of over indulging. So keep an eye on the blog page of our Beesindevon for our new European recipes.

Let's start with a warm fresh goat's cheese salad with a honey dressing.

  1. 1. Prepare the salad, shake off the excess water & put aside in fridge.

  2. 2. In the salad bowl prepare the vinaigrette with a little mustand, wine vinegar, a good tablespoonful of honey, salt & pepper. Add a little walnut oil & put on one side.

  3. Cut the bread (old fashioned loaf or whole meal organic preferably ; preheat oven to 180°C.

  4. Cut the goat’s cheese in slices & place on bread. Put a teaspoonful of honey on each piece of goat’s cheese, topped with half a walnut.

  5. Place the slices of bread topped with the cheese on a grill in the oven. Leave for a few minutes, keep watch.

  6. Arrange the salad on the plates with a couple of slices of tomato or vegetable in season. Add some vinaigrette, scatter with chives & chopped walnuts.

  7. When the goat’s cheese is golden brown, place on top of salad. Serve warm.

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