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"Russia and Ukraine may share the same border, but they don’t share the same cuisine. Russia and Ukraine’s history are interwoven as both nations share cultural and social commonalities. For example, in Russian and Ukrainian households, all guests are offered food and drink to express hospitality and well-being. Furthermore, Russian and Ukrainian culture places emphasis on creating specialty dishes for holidays like Christmas and Easter. However, Ukraine and Russia are unique, and many of the differences can be found in their food." (

Today that seems to be something belonging to the near past. In all cases Peter & myself abhor & totally disapprove this barbaric & very aggressive invasion of Ukraine against it's will & well-being. Destroying a nation & it's culture is totally inacceptable, the result is of course many deaths & much suffering, which will most probably be followed by guerilla warfare: a source of neverending suffering. Our heart is with this very brave nation.

Because one man, an obsessional & intolerant psycopathe, who's not only one of the richest persons in the world (money stolen from his own country) who desires to be feared in order to maintain & obtain power in the past Soviet "colonies". We, citizens of Great Britain & Europe we can only hope & pray that Ukraine and it's people manage to get through this terrible chapter of their history not completely destroyed & able to get back their sovereignty in the near future. Dignity, respect & courage are important factors to build a nation.


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